Saturday, October 13, 2007


A 33 year-old coloured prostitute stomps down the stairs of a dockside nightclub in Cape Town. She's drunk and flustered. She starts complaining to anyone who'll listen, then slurs herself to a halt and departs without a word. She grabs a cab and heads home.

Just a few minutes earlier, she and another prostitute had been fighting upstairs. They were shoving and slapping each other in inebriated anger. The other pro attacked her because she didn’t like the fact that she was hustling the sailors upstairs. Normally this wouldn't be a problem: all the girls go to the nightclubs to solicit the seamen.

But this one already receives a monthly stipend from a Spanish sailor. Her bills are already paid. She doesn't need to come to the clubs to make a living. She just comes out to hustle whenever she wants some extra cash.

(Hustling is different than soliciting. Hustling comprises efforts to get money, or "tips", from the seamen at the clubs. Soliciting is enticing sailors for post-club sexual contracts.)

The other pro resents this lady for double-dipping: getting money from two sources. She yells at her, "You already got money. You don't need to come here! But the rest of us come here to work. This isn't just a nice time for us like it is for you. Now you're coming in here and interfering with our business. Get out of here! These are our men! You've already got yours!"

Ironically, all the other ladies would love to be in this woman's position, receiving monthly support from a client. And they would also do the same thing as her: still go to the clubs to earn yet more money. They all dream of double-dipping!

But due to the frustration and drunkenness of one of the girls, she got bullied out of the club. Her success with a couple of Taiwanese guys made the drunk pro jealous. So she went aggro and got in her face. It was enough to spoil her mood and send her stomping home.

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