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Weekend Argus - 7 June 2008Sugar Girls & Seamen is now available worldwide. It has made a memorable impact on the South African scene and is now mincing across Europe, the UK, Japan, and North America. It's available at various bookstores as well as all the Amazons.

In the meantime, South African newspapers have been warming interest by publishing a series of excerpts from the book, offering sneak peeks into the dockside nightlife. One of the best examples came from the Weekend Argus in Cape Town which published a snippet about me ("Raised on the lure of the sea and port life") and the opening to one of my favorite chapters in the book ("Cunning Linguists"). Click image on the right to enlarge.


"adamantine research and thoughtful analysis...brilliant and detailed"
- Sunday Times

"gloriously accessible...arresting...eye-opening"
- Tonight

"provocative...powerful...thoughtful and engrossing"
- Sunday Independent

"This book is an eye-opener; it's an entertaining read that will have you laughing in places and gasping in others"
- Daily Dispatch

"The author's skills of observation, and affection for the real-life characters, results in stories that remain with you"
- O Magazine

"Trotter is so fascinated with the culture, that his drive to understand makes the book really readable. You are drawn into a world where the rules are important, but they are not the rules you know...a provocative read"
- The Citizen

"Trotter presents a depth and richness of narrative that could only be achieved through prolonged and personal enquiry... The result is a series of narratives through which the reader, in turn, is able to become familiar with the characters involved."
- International Journal of Maritime History

"Trotter's ethnographic research is impressive and contains a wealth of intriguing insights into the tactics and earning strategies of dockside prostitution."
- Ralph Callebert, Canadian Journal of African Studies

"Moving and even amusing, at other times sad and disturbing....Convincing...."
- Lauren van Vuuren, Kronos

Interviews with Author

From Pointy-Head to Page-Turner
"Not all academics are pointy-heads aloof from the world. Henry Trotter converted his PhD into the page-turner Sugar Girls & Seamen. He tells us how."
- Mail & Guardian

Salty Stories
"Henry Trotter is a clean-shaven, fresh-faced, teetotalling Baptist from Yale University. So what's he been doing hanging out with sailors and prostitutes in bars around Durban and Cape Town? He's been doing research, that's what. And, in the process, he's been learning about what he believes is one of the most fascinating 'cultural intersections' in the world."
- The Witness

The sailors, the sugar girls and the storyteller
"Henry Trotter, academic, author and port culture expert, chat to City Views' Ambre Nicolson about why Cape Town's maritime culture matters... and how he once spent 150 nights researching portside prostitution in Cape Town's dockside bars."
- City Views - Cape Town Partnership

Sex workers: Hard times at the love cafe
"With shore leave dwindling to only a few days, Durban's last remaining sailors' sex club is struggling for business, but for the women who work there it's a safer bet than being out on the streets."
- The Africa Report

A Story That's Sure to Hook You
"It took Trotter 15 months to research his accounts of dockside 'romance' through the stories told and his first-hand experience. Yes, he was the object of many solicitation attempts, because he is a man sitting at a bar with a foreign accent."
- Kwana News

'n Doktorsgraad Oor Vroue van Die Nag (in Afrikaans)
"Maande lank het Henry Trotter in die vroeë oggendure langs sy vrou in die bed gekruip ná 'n nag saam met prostitute in skemerige hawekroeë. Hy kon nietemin met 'n skoon gewete die verskoning aanvoer dat hy laat gewerk het."
- Rapport

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